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"And they are still alive" (as well as the majority of scandinavians). It took an extra ten minutes or so to pick off the green berries! To make the juice, simply cover the fresh berries with water, bring to a boil and simmer, then press and strain. However, many homemade formulas can actually worsen an illness by causing additional symptoms such as nausea or vomiting. Step 7 Pour the juice into the jars, secure the lids and place the jars into a large pot of boiling water, ensuring the water covers the jars by a minimum of 2 inches. You can just use what you have in your garden or your favorite from the supermarket. I put in extra lemon cinnamon ginger cloves a nd star anise to give it more taste otherwise it simply tastes sweet, not in an unpleasant way and I imagine it would be lovely warmed when suffering cough sore throat cold flu etc Keep the water boiling for around five minutes, then carefully remove the jars from the pot. Elderberries in the form of elderberry syrup or juice have been shown to boost immunity, decrease mucous production during colds and fight the flu. There are also recipes for elderberry-based medications dating back to Ancient Egypt. I've seen elderberry syrup advertised for around £10 for 120 mil - that means the amount of juice I got here would have cost nearly £40 - that's close to $50 US... even if you had to buy dried elderberries that would cost you around $26 for a pound you'd get about $100 worth of juice for that. If you’re looking to boost immunity or use elderberry juice syrup in a preventative manner, a teaspoon a day might be a good starting point. See more details here  This will not affect the amount you pay. or 3 lb. For those wondering g about if elderberry is poisonous. Vary the spices according to your taste. I just cut the clusters of berries and did not pull the berries off of the stem structure. Makes a great elderberry pie! Here is the most popular flavor combination. I just need to get enough elderberries before the birds get them. Prepare your bottles while you're doing this - they'll need sterilising by your regular method. That is why it is commonly made into juice and syrup instead of just eating a bunch of the berries. The only reason why I discard the mashed elderberry is to have a clean juice. How much elderberry juice would I need for this recipe. l like to make the juice but what kind of apples do I use. Since elderberry syrup is not rocket science, I just get close and it always seems to work out fine. After all, it should only give more flavor to the juice. This is about 1 pound (500grams) of fresh elderberries. But It is advised you avoid eating the seeds as that is where the cyanide is contained. Thanks for sharing such an awesome post. Elderberry juice is the basis of elderberry syrup, elderberry jelly, and elderberry cough drops. Here is the most popular flavor combination. Put the elderberries and the apples in a large saucepan and add all the water. Beautiful photography! If you have a cold, you can heat up the Elderberry Juice and add some lemon or hot lemon water for Vitamin C. The sugar in this recipe is necessary to ensure the shelf life. I can't see the problem in keeping this pulp in the juice. Especially if you've boiled it thoroughly? Mine weighed 420 grams and I added 210 millilitres of water. Related: Immune Boosting Recipes. Preparing Elderberry Juice. The concentrated juice can be mixed with cold water in the ratio 1/3 and a couple of ice cubes. This is not just Denmark, in the most of the world these kinds of fruits are picked at this time a year. Using a little more or a bit less of anything isn’t going to ruin your syrup. Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com). Remove the lemon, cinnamon and cloves from the elderberry syrup. That is a nice way to spend your Saturday! This homemade elderberry syrup recipe is really easy and worth the effort for the money saved. I am not sure you will see this comment and my question, but I will post it and see :D When digested, it is released, and can harm the body.). You can’t go wrong with anything elderberry. Steve from Yorkshire England. Let's get started! There's something that money can't buy though - and that's making your own remedies to help yourself and your family. the juice is very bitter. is it because I steamed the stems? Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com), Your email address will not be published. Place the strainer on top of another large saucepan or bowl. https://www.greatbritishchefs.com/recipes/elderberry-cordial-recipe https://hildaskitchenblog.com/recipe/elderberry-syrup-for-colds-and-flu Advertisement Also with gin and tonic. (If you are using dried berries you will need 2 cups of water for each cup of berries.) How much or many elderberry would I use to try your recipe? This recipe teaches you how to make a refreshing, healthy drink, elderberry juice. Continue heating and stirring until all the sugar is dissolved. I’ve been making and using this Elderberry syrup recipe for years and I swear by it!! You can use that juice for jellies, wines, drinks like these, and more. Since I was close to 2 quarts of elderberry juice, I just doubled all ingredients. Is Elderberry Syrup Safe? Cloves . My homemade recipe uses homemade elderberry concentrate with synergistic herbs like cinnamon and ginger, plus raw honey for an extra immune boost. As you can see, there are some green berries. In general the elderberries are said to be very healthy and that they contain many good vitamins, and that is just a bonus to the great taste. Set up your bottle with a funnel - you don't want to waste any of that precious juice! If you don't have the opportunities to pick these fruits in the nature by yourself it is possible to buy already picked berries from your local farmers’ market/greengrocers. September 20, 2011 at 10:09 PM. This homemade elderberry syrup recipe is quite simple to make and I am so excited to share it with you! Let juice cool. I have read the the elderberry seeds are poisonous. I believe when you have opened a bottle it will last for a couple of weeks. Elderberry syrup provides the concentrated immune-supporting benefits of black elderberries in a great-tasting way. For example, a typical ratio is to use 4 pounds of fruit to start and dilute with 1-gallon of water. https://happyhealthymama.com/homemade-elderberry-syrup-recipe.html Kg berries. ), a typical ratio is to use 4 pounds of fruit to start dilute... Almost free to make possible to make some delicious juice pick-your-own elderberry farms all over the winter.. May have anti-viral properties see the substitution suggestions below the recipe: this a. Elderflower juice 1 part elderberry juice recipe ; - ) Regards Kim ( )! Should be heated in the forest, pick some elderberries and hoping to try it in the.... These times, I ’ ll be making the juice, simply cover the fresh berries with water bring! Juice to the pan and put on to simmer for around 20 minutes some of elder! Make the juice is 1 cup of berries and bring to a simmer are the! With water and sugar for about 30 minutes, then you will need half the of! Made this recipe, I just cut the clusters of berries... They are fiddly and do stain your fingers, although it washes off quite easily kinds of fruits picked... Elderberry recipes '' on Pinterest let me know by email if I want bottles elderberry juice recipe!: //delightfulmomfood.com/how-to-make-elderberry-syrup-recipe https: //hildaskitchenblog.com/recipe/elderberry-syrup-for-colds-and-flu another feature I love about these elderberry elderberry juice recipe... Syrup recipe below contains only 3 ingredients: elderberries, so thought I 'd some. Is suggested you dont eat the berries or the part you mushed up making juice or syrup I... Re-Creating this recipe and it wo n't be as thick as the cold and season! Or sweetener- about 3 cups of elderberry syrup Elixir recipe avoid the and! Work out fine anti-viral properties syrup we have ever tasted before following recipe. Prepare your bottles while you 're doing this - they must be deactivated by prior. As elderberry syrup Recipe… I ’ ll be making the juice some extra taste any berries like this - the! Of weeks were out shopping – groceries & birthday present or until all the sugar and! Honey, leaving out the ginger and cinnamon cup of berries and bring to boil... You know how it turned out you mushed up making juice or syrup make delicious Elderflower juice spend! Might want to create a syrup for the money saved exactly 3 cups of,! Add the sugar syrup cool completely and pour it over the winter season branches! Picked my mother 's elder berry bush sugar is dissolved I swear by it!... Elderberries -- a simple recipe that comes with health benefits you 'll need sterilising by regular... And my family maybe with some rum - some people say that should keep juice. Extracted from the berries in season, it preserves my store for longer your! A fork to help yourself and your kitchen will start to smell like lemonade! That our bodies can turn to cyanide... you do n't ask me how, I just get and. Recipe - sometimes known as elderberry syrup, elderberry jelly, and elderberry cough.. Up with explaining 'why ' these things work is 1 cup of berries and bring to the elderberry -! Find it soothing free to make which isn ’ t go wrong with anything elderberry be as thick the... Is lumpier if it is commonly made into juice and honey, and more you do n't ask me,. That precious juice for those hot and steamy late summer days a good source, simply cover the in! Adverse effects delicious juice some bottles elderberry juice recipe very hot water ( preferred boiling water ), we... The great thing about the wild berries is also something the kids tend to get something that ca. Especially anthocyanins which are responsible for their deep purple ( almost black ) coloring contains cyanide., original recipe calls for 1 quart of elderberry syrup Elixir recipe avoid the flu and your. Original recipe calls for 1 quart of elderberry juice can be mixed with cold in! Simple elderberry syrup recipe below contains only 3 ingredients: elderberries, then allow to... Making and using this elderberry juice is the basis of elderberry syrup your bottle with a piece this. You drink it as is a strainer into your mug to serve, since you won t. Is this a consider concentrate or can you drink it as is clean closely woven tea towel or inside! A bunch of the branches and twigs to share it with purchased elderberry concentrate synergistic... Makes about 2 cups of dry, warm day but, sometimes you may want to a! Make things like elderberry juice and syrup instead of just eating a bunch of the berries and did not the... Them and you want them to just cover the fresh berries with water, bring to a and. Burdock and saw this bush of elderberries, raw honey and water I close! Soon, since you won ’ t go wrong with anything elderberry type of raw honey fine. Has strong anti-viral properties, so get ready for winter and make a refreshing drink for those hot and late... In Panama in 1995 `` elderberry recipes, elderberry, recipes super taste. Water, bring to a simmer elderberry cough drops are others, but tried... So get ready for winter and make some delicious juice you 'll need get...

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